Why direct aid for Nicaraguan projects?

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America following Haiti. 

Despite the promises of the new government, the poverty is constantly increasing. Many people don’t even have the possibility to ever find work. They survive rough-and-ready by repairing things, selling or jobbing. Unfortunately, this is the current situation of the majority of the people in Nicaragua. As these people will never be registered at an employment bureau there aren’t any reliable numbers about the unemployment in Nicaragua. As a matter of fact, there are many people living in poverty in many villages and slums that don’t have enough to eat. Many of these deserving poor try to earn anything to get their families through by working in households in the bordering country Costa Rica. There are also people who try their luck in Spain. Unfortunately all too often, mothers leave their children behind to try their luck in Spain to earn money in order to allow a good education for their children. 

The poverty takes an especially devastating effect on children and juveniles. Instead of going to school, they spend their time on the street begging or selling little things. Occasionally they also acquire money with small thefts.

Many girls between 13 and 16 years are mothers already. Oftentimes, these girls didn’t go to school or went only for about 2-4 years and are left to their own resources.  Being children themselves, they aren’t capable of taking care of their own child. By this means, babies already undergo the absence of nutrition, the feeling of security and protection. Our direct aid guarantees that the donations completely come up to the local relief projects for underprivileged children and juveniles.

As in many other developing countries there is strong corruption controlling the government. Thus the money from developing aid consistently flows into the pockets of the governors.

Only direct aid guarantees that donations completely come up to the local relief projects for underprivileged children and juveniles.

Amigos Nicas attaches importance to the contribution of natives to its projects and the encouragement of proactivity.

Amigos Nicas organizes charity events and fund-raising campaigns and the sale of paintings, cards and works of art from Nicaragua and Switzerland. The complete net profit is applied to the education and nutrition of children coming from a poor background.

Margarita Tschudi, the founder of the association Amigos Nicas, personally supervises the transfer and utilisation of the donations. She travels once a year to Nicaragua during her vacation to visit the project and the children.