A sponsorship for the Pastorcitos de Belén School

A sponsorship covers the school fees for children of needy families or single mothers. These sponsorships are very important for the school because the money can be applied individually where it is needed the most. Furthermore, the regular support insures the future of the school for all children. You receive an annual report every year and a letter or a picture drawn by a child from the Pastorcitos de Belén School.
(Starting from 30 Swiss francs per month)

Personal sponsorship

A personal sponsorship covers the school fees of your sponsored child as well as its primary health care. The family receives an adequate contribution for the Christmas party. If there is any money left, it will benefit all schoolchildren. You receive an annual report every year and a letter or a picture drawn by your sponsored child.
(Sponsorship costs CHF 50.– per month)

What is a sponsorship beyond school?

We also facilitate sponsorships for specially gifted children or students. There are often situations where talented pupils would benefit from opportunities to learn beyond Pastorcitos de Belen. A sponsorship makes a better education possible for them. There are young gifted people as well who can’t go to college or do an apprenticeship without support. A sponsorship enables academic studies or an apprenticeship for young people. You receive a letter from your sponsored child not less than once a year.
(CHF 50.– per month)

Do sponsorships make sense?

Sponsorships make sense and are important to all children of Pastorcitos de Belén School because they provide a regular source of support. We strive to provide equity for students, so that all students can learn.

Sponsored children

Carmen Alicia (5th grade)
«Dear sponsors in Switzerland. I enjoy attending classes at Pastorcitos de Belén School. We learn how to read, write, calculate, nature study, English and much more. English is my favourite. The teachers are very nice. Sometimes we have small parties with dancing or we attend village celebrations and join the procession in traditional costumes. The school director told us that this is only possible thanks to our sponsors in Switzerland. It is so much fun! Muchas gracias (thank you very much).» 

Luis Miguel (3rd grade nursery school)
«I live with my grandmother. My brother also lives with us. We all sleep in one room and share one bed. I can’t see very well. Thanks to my sponsor in Switzerland I was able to go to an ophthalmologist. I now wear glasses and one eye is covered.» 

Carminia Murillo (29 years old)
«Without my sponsor in Switzerland I couldn’t have successfully finished my apprenticeship as an administrator. Out of thankfulness I worked a year for free at the Pastorcitos de Belén School. I stayed and now work in the school secretariat and have two children.» 

Are you interested in a sponsorship?

Please contact us: 
Margarita Tschudi,